Artwork Services

Every NIBA Designs rug is an original handmade custom creation – made to the exact specifications of each unique interior design project.

As a designer, you need to make sure your client is happy. Seeing what your bespoke rug will look like before it’s created lets you move forward with confidence and avoids unpleasant surprises down the road.

We’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, so before the actual rug-making process begins, we start with artwork. Every NIBA custom rug – from simple solids to intricate designs – begins with a complimentary rendering which we provide for your review and approval.

Created by our in-house graphic design artists, our photorealistic renderings bring your custom rug to life. Using special software, we create high quality images that show your rug’s colors, texture, pile height and sheen. If you want to see more options, we can create renderings showing different versions of your design and color palette for your consideration.

Our graphic design artists can produce more than beautiful renderings for your project. We can also create other helpful visual tools which you can present to your client, including rugs placed in floor plans, inspiration images, and curated color palettes. Talk to your NIBA representative to learn more.

Compare Renderings to Actual Rugs

Flip through the images below to see how our computer-generated textured renderings compare to the finished product. In each case, the detailed rendering is a digital image created with special software; the image to the right of the rendering is an actual photograph of the finished rug.

Renderings vs Actual Rugs