Video Resources

Need a crash course on rug fibers? Interested in seeing how handmade rugs are made? Curious about poms? Check out these instructional videos made for busy design professionals. Each video is brief and to the point, but gives you the useful information you need to help make your project a success.

Intro to Design Tools, Fibers & Techniques

Join Beth Arrowood, NIBA Designs CEO and Creative Director, for this helpful overview. Learn about the basics – design tools, tips, techniques, fibers, construction and more.

Fiber Series Videos

Take a deeper dive as NIBA’s Beth Arrowood walks you through the unique properties of various rug fibers in this informative series.

Luxury Fibers

Our Process

See how our handmade rugs are made – from preparing the fibers and dyeing the wool to weaving the rug and adding finishing touches.

NIBA Designs Showroom

Tour our spacious Miami, Florida showroom, and peruse an array of beautiful rug samples displayed in various colors, textures and patterns.

Shop Jobs

Learn how we create your personalized shop job by hand selecting the perfect options for your unique rug project.

The Making of a Pom

Did you know that making a pom is an intricate process? See how our NIBA poms are expertly made by skilled artisans.