Shop Jobs

One of the ways we help you create the perfect rug is by giving you the right visual tools. Our staff is trained in interior design, and we can create personalized shop jobs featuring a curated selection of rug samples to consider for your unique project.

As your partner, we can guide you toward designs that work for you. We begin by learning about your project, your vision and your goals. But we also dig a little deeper. We talk about your client’s personality, style, tastes and expectations. Do they like bold and dramatic, or soft and understated? Bright colors or subdued tones? The more we know, the better we can hone in on the best choices for your client and your project.

Once we’re familiar with the specific aspects and direction of your project, we create your custom shop job by pulling from our extensive inventory of samples to hand select the perfect options for you. We create a beautifully composed mood board of colors, textures and patterns which we photograph and send to you as a high resolution digital file that you can share with your client.


Not every rug company provides samples. But we do. Because we know that having a tangible sample in your hands – one that you can see, touch and share with your client – is key to helping you make the right decision.

If you’d like samples of select designs from your personalized shop job, we’re happy to provide them. We’ll also give you tear sheets showing rug patterns to scale, so you can easily visualize your entire rug.

Your Project. Your Inspiration.

Every design project is different; every designer has their own individual style and unique vision. These are some of the shop jobs our team put together for our interior design clients.

Neutrals: Creams & Whites

We provided this beautiful selection of soft, restful tones for a designer who asked for an array of creams, whites and rich textures, no pattern, and a variety of constructions, fibers and price points.


These bold, globally-inspired selections were for a designer whose client was an international traveler with a passion for handmade items from Morocco, North Africa, South Africa, Central America and the American Southwest.


This designer’s clients, a young couple living in their first home on Florida’s coast, knew exactly what they wanted – modern, fresh designs in beautiful coastal colors. Inspired by sand and sea, we put together this selection.

Neutrals: Charcoal

We created this shop job for a designer working on a project in the Boston area. The designer wanted an urban feel with dark grey and blacks contrasted with white or cream, bold graphic patterns and layers of pile height.


We put together this grouping for a designer who was just starting their project and wanted to see a variety of blues. All options were on the table, so we presented a selection of various fibers, constructions and price points.


Created for a project in Palm Beach, this curated group of striking designs speaks to the designer’s love of color as well as traditional and transitional patterns, but scaled and colored in a more contemporary way.

Make Your Vision a Reality

We’ll help you create the perfect rug for your unique design project.