We Partner With GoodWeave

Helping to Stop Child Labor

At NIBA Designs, we’re committed to the highest standards of integrity in the production of our rugs. That’s why we partner with GoodWeave International.

GoodWeave works with manufacturers and importers to reform the handmade rug industry and bring an end to child, forced and bonded labor.

In 1994 when the organization began, there were one million children – many kidnapped or tracked – toiling on the looms in South Asia. Today, the number of child laborers has dropped to an estimated 200,000.

GoodWeave Certified

As a licensed GoodWeave importer, we work only with GoodWeave-licensed producers who must adhere to specific standards. You can feel good knowing that all NIBA Designs rugs are certified and carry the GoodWeave label, which is your best assurance that our rugs are made without child, forced or bonded labor.

As an industry partner, we donate a percentage of each rug purchase to help support child rescue, remediation and prevention programs and improve working conditions for adults in producer communities.

Working with GoodWeave is personally important to Beth Arrowood, NIBA Designs CEO & Creative Director. “When I’m in Nepal or India, and I visit a GoodWeave school, I see firsthand how our company is helping to give these children better lives. It gives me such joy to see that these kids are so happy to get an education, and that they’re safe and free to enjoy being children.”

Insist on the GoodWeave Label

At NIBA Designs, we’re doing our part to help end child labor. Please join us in championing this important cause, and insist on the GoodWeave label when you purchase a handmade rug.

Ethically Produced

We’re committed to protecting children, helping adult workers and keeping artistic weaving crafts safe and alive for generations to come.