Value Engineering Services

Palo Duro

Custom luxury rugs are often one of the most important and expensive items in a design project, and you may sometimes need to consider quality alternatives to stay within your budget.

As your partner, we can suggest ways to help you stretch your dollars and make the best decisions for your project. Our team is highly knowledgeable in both interior design and the process of rug-making, and we can find smart, tailored solutions that work for you.

Almost all of our rug patterns can be successfully produced in a variety of fibers and techniques. If you need to make adjustments to lower your cost, we can recommend very suitable alternatives to achieve similar results. By changing fiber, technique or knot count, we can “value engineer” your rug to work within your project budget while satisfying your most important requirements.

We believe in full transparency and truth in pricing. A key component of our service is providing you with a detailed written quote so you can easily evaluate your options and compare costs. We also show you rug samples in various construction types, fibers and price points enabling you to see and understand the differences between them.

As your floor covering specialists, we’re committed to making your design project a success. Through value engineering, we can help you get the best rug for your budget.

Value Engineering at Work

The images below illustrate how a particular rug design renders across various fibers, techniques and knot counts. Click on an image to see an enlarged version. Note how the pattern’s appearance and texture change depending on construction type and quality.

These additional examples show a solid soumak rug in different knot counts. One of the ways to reduce a rug’s price is by lowering its knot count.

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