In 1994 when GoodWeave was founded, there were one million children – many kidnapped or trafficked – toiling on the looms in South Asia.   GoodWeave’s intent from the onset was based on a very simple premise: If enough people demand certified child-labor-free rugs, manufacturers will only employ skilled, adult artisans and the exploitation of children in the rug industry will come to an end. GoodWeave’s efforts have helped bring child labor in the rug industry down 75 percent—but GoodWeave still needs every consumer’s  help to end it once and for all. 

As a member of GoodWeave, NIBA Designs agrees to adhere to strict no-child-labor guidelines by permitting random inspections of our rug looms which earns us the right to place the certified and individually numbered GoodWeave label on our rugs. If inspectors find children working on looms in the factories they visit, they are offered the opportunity to go to school instead, and producers/importers lose the privilege to use the GoodWeave label.

As a consumer, you should insist on the GoodWeave label when shopping for a handmade rug. 1.75% of the cost of every GoodWeave certified rug purchased goes to GoodWeave. Every NIBA Designs carries the GoodWeave label, your best possible assurance that these rugs are made without child labor. Join us in championing this important cause!