One of the many services that NIBA offers is curating groups of rug samples based on the client's color and aesthetic direction. Our attentive staff utilizes their interior design backgrounds to peruse our extensive inventory and take this time-consuming task off your to-do list

Please see below examples of mood boards created by our team.

Neutrals: Creams & Whites

Client asked for creams, whites and textures, no pattern in a myriad of constructions, fibers and price points.


This client was working on a residence for a bachelor who travels internationally often and has a passion for hand-made products that reflect their origin. i.e., Morocco, North Africa, South Africa, Central America and the South West US.


This shop job was for a young couple in their first home, located in the coast of Florida. They wanted the designs to be modern and fresh in coastal colors.

Neutrals: Charcoal

This client located in the Boston metropolitan area was looking for dark grey and blacks contrasted with white or cream. They wanted bold graphic patterns and layers of pile height.


This client was just starting the project and just wanted to show a variety of blues, since price point was not discussed, we pulled all types of fibers constructions and therefore price point.


This client loves the use of color and leans to traditional/transitional patterns. But scaled and colored in a more contemporary way. This residence is located in Palm Beach.