Product Knowledge – The best part of working with Beth and her team at NIBA is the depth and range of their knowledge for rug construction and the industry. Beth can tell me the “why” behind a fiber or construction technique and, in turn, puts me in a stronger position to pair my clients with the best solution for their needs with a rug that not only satisfies durability and programming requirements but, most of all, is a beautiful, hand-crafted element within the overall design.I come away from every visit with Beth having gained a new piece of knowledge about handmade rugs. Beth and her team stay on top of every order from quoting through delivery – the best partner for a busy designer!

Jeff McKnight - Emily Summers
I have had the pleasure of working with Beth Arrowood and her team of NIBA rug specialists for the last 14 years. Having traveled frequently to Miami and discovering NIBA in their original Miami Design District showroom, I felt like I was transported to a unique, colorful and wildly creative universe every time I stepped over the threshold. The rugs were fantastically well designed and the quality consistently outstanding. While I initially bought a few rugs just as I saw them, Beth provided me with an opportunity to create something entirely original for our clients—hand-knotted Tibetan rugs that were completely customized to our palette and matched to our assortment of fabrics by room. I was also given an opportunity to, depending on our clients’ budget, to change the knot count or the genetic makeup of a rug so that while it may have originally been shown as a 100-knot rug in wool and silk, I could use Tencel instead of silk to bring the price down to meet our clients’ budget. Beth also acted as an outstanding teacher every time I saw her: she would detail how NIBA rugs are made, and the differences between each type of rug. She clearly understood that educating both the designer and subsequently the client was a critical tool in selling these rugs so that one can fully appreciate the quality, the uniqueness, and the time it takes to make them. Having had a solid design education about the world of NIBA rugs, whether they were hand-tufted, hand-knotted, flat weave a Persian knot, we have had countless opportunities to customize and design unique and stunning rugs for our clients' thanks to Beth and her team at NIBA.

Jill Litner Kaplan, Jill Litner Kaplan Interior

It is with much enthusiasm that I am recommending the stunning rugs and superior services of NIBA Designs. Beth Arrowood and her team have been an amazing resource for our firm for over 15 years. They consistently provide us with valuable guidance and exceptional customer service, and we are always proud to deliver their rugs to each client’s new home. NIBA Designs not only offers a variety of beautiful rugs, but also the kind of personal service that we require.

The design team’s knowledge and vast product options have allowed us to create gorgeous rugs in every color, pattern, and texture for our projects. From modern to traditional, custom or o the rack, large or small budgets, NIBA Designs always accommodates our design needs. NIBA rugs give all our projects that additional unique and gorgeous touch.

Looking forward to many more successful projects with NIBA Designs!

Charlotte Dunagan, Founding Principal Partner, Dunagan Diverio Design Group